Mar. 29th, 2010

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[ profile] emzlovesharry did a HP Kill, Marry, Shag meme post the other day. I could play Kill Marry Shag all day! I do not like having to pick someone to kill, but that's kind of the point I suppose.

She gave me Bill, Bellatrix and Colin Creevey.

Marry: has to be Bill, of course. He is cool and sexy and has a fang earring and sexy long hair and boots. I can imagine actually going for him in the real life, which is not true for all of the fictional characters I fancy.

Shag: totally Bella. The thought of Bella being domineering, evil and thoroughly insane in a bondage corset taps into some dark kinks of mine. It helps that I can imagine her as Helena Bonham Carter.

Kill: Sorry Colin! You die in the canon anyway, so... it's alright?

If you wanna play leave a comment!
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Now, I am pretty easy to please when it comes to humour. I like to laugh, and I like silliness quite as much as sophistication. But there is one type of humour that is guaranteed to make me laugh til I pee myself... and that is messing about with language. This includes things like Carry On film style accidental innuendo, SPAG errors like "I helped my uncle jack off a horse"1, such beautiful Engrish as "You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid", and this:

cut for embedded vid )

OHGOD. I have seen it so many times, and still I cannot breathe for laughter.

1. No one would let me proof-read their essays in school for this reason.


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