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Aside from getting to the near-finish of a little H/D Slytherin orgy party story (light-hearted and cracky, not Harry-at-a-Dark-Revel, sorry to disappoint/excite anyone), my days of late have been filled to the brim with Sherlock Holmes.

Mostly, it is because of this lady, who anyone who reads Holmes/Watson fic will surely already know. If, however, you're a book-canon fan who's just never considered reading SH fanfic before, I direct you to her immediately. She is sublime. She's pitch-perfect. Homosexuality is dealt with oh-so perfectly and pragmatically without doing the era or the modern audience a disservice. I giggle aloud, and read quotes to my boyfriend. And she talks about that soul-wrenching, perfect, painful, lustful, uncontrollable love that got a hold of my heart so beautifully in the Snarry fandom – Telanu, A Choriambic Progression, IYAP – and bloody hell, does she do it well. And the sex! not an easy thing to carry off, but it's just perfect, kisses as hot as any PWP and not an incongruous word or phrase anywhere. Ohhh, reading this for two days straight makes me ache for that kind of love, that love that is probably, in truth, not really possible – or at least likely, or nice to feel oneself – but that I can feel so well as to make me believe it is the true definition of the human soul. To be able to conceptualise such a love, and pass on the feeling of such awe-passion-fear-need through words or music or any other form of human communication... that is all that is divine about the human race. Bollocks to a higher power.

Reading this for two days straight also makes me a bit spacey, I fear.

I must say, though, this sort of quality is reflected throughout all of [that wot I have explored of] pre-2009 Holmes fandom, and I heartily reccommend all the S/H stuff linked on the main site and a bunch of other places. Not to say SH fandom is not still full of win post-film, ofc; I have no doubt that it has made a dramatic increase to the number of excellent fics in the SH fandom at large, for either source. In fact I have already seen one delicious art/fic combo I am sure loads of people have already seen, what with it being the incomparable [personal profile] lizardspots doing the art. I've yet to delve any deeper into movie-fandom, though, except to express occasional lust over Jude Law's Watson, and Robert Downey Jr's slow-motion half-nude kicking-in-the-chest scene *flails slightly*, and If I'm quite honest, I dunno if I really wanna look at film-canon stuff. For me the film and the stories – or rather, stories + Jeremy Brett Granada TV series – occupy different, though overlapping, mind-spaces, and only one of those spaces needles me desperately for a Holmesian fic fix. No wonder, though – I was thinking about when I first read Sherlock Holmes, and recalled it was before we studied them in school... in Year Eight. [Age 12ish]. They don't call 'em formative years for nuthin.

(Gosh, I remember that well. There was much bitching about the lesson being boring, which is fair enough since we can't have been that far away from the days of Biff and Chip and the Magic Key. Still, at the time, I was positively tearful that no-one else got it. It was The Speckled Band, for chrissakes! Why weren't even the most jaded non-readers swearing their loyalty to Holmes and Watson forever? *tragic preteen sniffle*)

Anyway, I'm sure I was going somewhere with this.

Oh yes! The secondary point of this post: OHGOD I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS! Unlike HP, which everyone and their dog has read, and which I can, in a pinch, talk to someone RL about (either one of the ones who likes reading my sex scenes or the ones who like discussing HP minutiae - rarely is there a crossover between the two factions), Sherlock Holmes is the exclusive realm of... um... me. My mother's seen all the Jeremy Brett shows but cannot see the appeal of expounding upon the gay subtext, and my friend Kate seemed like she had the potential to like the series from the two we watched (she liked supplying ending solutions made of crack... er, if you'll excuse the pun), and... um... literally no-one else I can think of knows anything about anything even approaching the canon. We can talk movie, but I fear we might have somewhat different contexts for enjoying it.

And NO ONE CAN READ MY FIC SNIPPETS. It's not even close to finished, so I just couldn't bring myself to ask someone for a Serious Beta Job, and it makes sense to none of my usual brainstormers (or rather, best friends and general wonderful ego-strokers), and I feel bad about giving a one-tenth-finished fic to the masses with utterly no promise I will ever finish it.

So yeah. If anyone wants to see some fic snippets and be nice to me about them so my broken psyche can muster up more energy to finish them, or if anyone wants to discuss which is their fave Holmes actor, their fave story, slash vs platonic wuv, whatever... please do drop me a comment!

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I will read just about anything* you share on googledocs, just because I want to!
I find the idea of Watson/Holmes slightly strange - Maybe because it is difficult to place in that era then. That might be why it's not taken off as much, and the fact that you don't have the same range of permanent characters and pairings to play with, as you do in other fandoms.

*Providing it doesn't have terrifying, groin-achingly evil dolphin pictures/videos in it.


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