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... to get boringly political. Anyone on my flist interested in British politics?

Well, anyway, election buzz is in the air, and in May, we get to vote for one of two parties with two middle-class white male leaders to take over running of the country. Well, actually we can vote for quite a lot of political parties, but basically it's just those two, with Lib Dems coming in a not especially close third. It's depressing.

So I think it's not that different from the US system. You vote for for the MP you want to represent your constituency in parliament, who'll either be an independent or, more likely, be a member of a political party (of which there are many, some more credible than others). The party with the most MPs wins I think... though it can get more complicated than that. This means that Lukey, who is registered in the South Hams, may as well vote Monster Raving Loony Party1, because the Conservative MP always wins even though he's an obnoxious git who accuses his constituents of being "just jealous" of the huge house and grounds and 500 famous trees he maintains only by claiming them on expenses. Er. Mercifully, he's actually resigning over the 500 famous trees fiasco, but it probably wouldn't change the local voting anyway... it seems like as long as it's got a shiny blue badge on it, a horse would get in.

Mercifully for me, I am not registered anywhere yet, and can therefore register in my current city of residence, this little island of sanity in a sea of rural middle-class suckiness. Here in the big city *snort*, there is actually a possibility my vote will count for something.

BTW, I am actually not really very into politics, except when you ask me what I believe and then it becomes obvious that I only say I am not into politics so that I don't go all V for Vendetta on this shit. I also don't vote... I prefer not to be reminded of my own political inactivity by having to think about which box to tick, because what I ought to be doing is burning bras and having riots and generally doing more to show that we, as a group, have actual power. Bollocks to this stupid system, which seems to be only loosely democratic anyway and only serves to make people forget that in the old days, when the ruling classes mistreated the common people, we razed their houses or chopped off their heads.

But I changed my mind this time. Partly, because of the situation at the moment. Basically, we have our two biggest parties: Labour and Conservative. Labour, with our PM Gordon Brown as its leader, has been in for a bit... it has not gone well. PR-wise, at the very least, it's been an unmitigated disaster. So naturally, the Conservative party have stepped in to represent themselves as the antidote to Labour, the force for change, and their top man David Cameron has started this campaign of coolness which looks, to me, like a hilarious and embarrassing middle-class-white-guy attempt to copy Obama's rather more inspiring hope campaign. Only he is with the Conservative party. The Conservative party will never be cool. They like rich people and businesses, and rich people and businessmen like them. These things are not trendy. And I think he's creepy.

But if people really can't endure Gordon Brown any longer, it's gonna seem a lot like he's the one to go for... except we don't have a two-party system, dammit! And the next most successful party, the Liberal Democrats, I actually like! I mean, policy-wise at least... unfortunately it's a bit of a running joke with the Lib Dems that all their leaders are forgettable at best, and it's true I have no feelings whatsoever about Nick Clegg. But I'll hate myself if the Conservatives get in, and I'm not voting for Labour just because they aren't the Conservatives, so this time I am actually going to vote, and vote Lib Dems. Maybe... maybe I won't be alone in this attitude?

But okay, actually, I have a confession to make... this alone is not really enough to make me vote. But I have been given a stronger motivation: The Digital Economy Bill passed a few days ago, and it is lame in the extreme, and the Lib Dems are the only ones opposed as a party. And they are pro-Internet in general... and pro-democratic reform, which is nice... so I need to vote for them. I want to vote for them. And I can only hope that the rest of The Internet, or at least those whose corporeal bodies are registered to vote in the UK, will find this an equal motivation. And actually... I genuinely believe that the internet alone holds the power to get the Lib Dems in.

1. Not making that up. Formed in the sixties by the late Screaming Lord Sutch, they've actually had the odd (literally) MP win. This is in the same country that had 0.7% of the population answer 'Jedi' as their religion on the census form. See, we do rock really.

Luke can't actually vote Monster Raving Loonies though, as we don't have a candidate in the South Hams.


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