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So liek, I have got into jewellery making. I'm not fantastically well-equipped, but I have made some things, and, well... I think they're pretty. So I am selling them on Etsy, because Etsy rocks hard. What do ya think?
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First of all, a quick note: who here uses the Rich Text Editor to write entries? Anyone? Because I don't, but I switched to it to see if I could make a poll, and EVERYTHING EVER BROKE. This has been my experience every single time I have tried it. Pah.

Well, anyway. Some thinky thoughts on fandom participation. )

So I was wondering... am I alone in this? When was the last time you read the HP books? And would anyone be interested in some sort of canon project? A read-along or something? A fest?
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So... I've been toying with the idea of trying to run a new gift exchange fest.

...Wait, why are you laughing?

Alright, alright, I am not known as Miss Super-Organisation or Miss Committed (Miss Should-Be-Committed?) but then again, doesn't that give me a... special perspective on gift exchanges? The perspective of the terminally useless? And I've got a whole host of delicious technologies I think would really help out, most of them made by Google, and I'd love to try them. Maybe I will even make use of Twitter. *nods like big interwebs geek she is*

I'd also like to host it Dreamwidth-only, because, well... it's no good me whining about how sexy it is and how everyone should use it, then not actually use it myself. And y'know, it might keep sign-up numbers down anyway, it'd be my very first fest, after all. Although I have invite codes to offer still, and I will be emailing someone about the mass invites DW will supposedly give out to RP comms and such to help 'em move to the dark side.

Anyway, here's the pitch: Weekend Slash. A gift exchange for those with commitment issues. With a weekend to write your gift in, a pretty rapid posting schedule, wham bam thank you ma'am. A short burst of high-pressure excitement with no long drawn-out stress-outs and shame and simply no time for procrastination. Just, yknow, for the fun of it.

I have given it somewhat more thought than that, but that's the general principle. Anyone interested? Anyone boggled by my lunacy? Anyone wanna point out it's been done somewhere already? And most importantly... anyone got any advice?

(BTW the Snarry Holidays reveals are up and this is mine.)
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Happy New Year, Folks!

Doctor Who opinions: no spoilers that I can think of )

In conclusion: Bring on 2010!
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Time for more unwanted opinions!

First of all, Sherlock Holmes!

I can't bring myself to write more than a few sentences about it, mind. The dialogue was sometimes spiffy, but mostly clunky. RDJ was great, natch, but I found myself rather more in love with Jude Law's Watson. The plot could have been cut down to about twenty minutes. Irene/Holmes was present, be warned, but Irene is pretty awesome and OH MY GOD COULD THERE BE ANY MORE SLASH so I don't mind much.

Generally, a bit rubbish. But worth it for the Holmes and Watson dynamic.

Now.... Avatar.

Cut for spoilers and bulletpoints and references to Controversy. )
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Cor, this has been an... interesting... holiday season. I know Christmas is traditionally a time of family strife and loud arguments and ending up at St. Mungo's with a satsuma up one's nose, but bloody hell... if it gets any more passive-aggressive in here, my brain will begin to leak out of my nose.

Anyway: Merry Christmas, all! I hope you are all having a better one than I!

Now I am going to bed.

See you on the other side.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:19 pm
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Sorry, I promise this isn't going to devolve into a meme-only journal. Actually, I have a Snarry present planned, if I finish it to my satisfaction. Yes, that's a big if, I know.

In the meantime, memetime! Questions, and indeed, meme text, from [personal profile] lucianwolf, who said:

Yeah, the interview meme is going around again. If you want to play, just indicate in the comments and I will reply with three questions for you. Take my questions and post the answers in your journal.
Questions below the cut, and they are really awesome ones. )

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I do not know if I have made sufficient impression on anyone to warrant a reply but:

anon meme.


Dec. 21st, 2009 09:36 pm
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Right now I am under the influence of a raging Dreamwidth boner.

Mostly cos [community profile] metafandom (which has EXPLODED in my absence, guys!) linked me to this post about DW and why it's cool.

So guys on LJ and IJ... plz to be adding me on DW too if you like or letting me know if you have a DW so I can add you :)

I have two invite codes btw, and I would love to direct your attention, if you need any encouragement, to such magic things as importing and crossposting.

Seriously. Come party over here guys.
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So I've been planning a big long entry of longness to break the Internet Ban I have been making a vague attempt to follow, something about Fest Season and Me. I intended to post it the second I hit the send button on my last (slightly-late-for-really-dumb-reasons) fest fic. But since I have that scheduled for tomorrow morning (read: will actually finally stop faffing and take the plunge some time in the late evening), and I desperately need to unwind right now or else I will not sleep, here is a meme.

Meme stolen from Cluegirl )
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Thanks for the v-gifts, guys! And anonymous cookie is anonymous... Intriguing!

This is me smiling demonically over a Post Office receipt. )

In other words, I just sent everyone's presents! Hopefully they will arrive in a timely fashion. Royal Mail says its fine but I dunno if I trust it!

Still time if you'd like something though.
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Whilst the menfolk stood around the hole in the living room floor today, I have written, drawn, made Christmas cards, glued things, shopped for presents and baked delicious scones for afternoon tea. I feel thoroughly domestic.

I am in Manic Christmas ModeTM!

I am also totally failing to keep up with the fest season. Probably because of all the writing, drawing, making and baking. At this rate it may be the new year before I read anything. But that's good, because I will need something to brighten my January! And I am having so much fun right now.

Accioslash, your Christmas SUPERSPECIALSURPRISE is ready to be posted! Everyone else's is nearly complete. (except yours, Emily, because I have the luxury of giving it to you in person.) *bounces*

If anyone else would like a holiday gift, electronic or postal, with no obligation to reply whatsoever, please to be filling out my Magical Christmas Poll. If you're in the US, or indeed any part of the world that is not the UK, you should fill it out sharpish! The Christmas postage deadline is the 12th.

*nudges encouragingly*

And guys! I don't have a Christmas icon! Can anyone point me in the direction of such a thing?
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So lots of people on my f-list offering Christmas cards and presents and such. This makes me hopelessly excited! Not because I want lots of cards – though cards are coolio – but because I am a total gift-giving addict and card-making fiend, and I MUST get in on the action.

SO HAVE A POLL. Not an LJ poll, because I am cross-posting this, but a gdocs poll. It works the same way and everything, just I get all the results consolidated into one awesome Christmas spreadsheet!


And guys? Go on, you know you want to! I don't care if we haven't even spoken before. Don't even care if you're not on my f-list. It'll make me happy to have cards to make/drabbles to write/surprise presents to wrap!
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Accioslash just asked about people's first times. First fanfic, that is.

This is my absolute favourite question ever, and I have the feeling I may have told this story somewhere before. Possibly right here on this journal. However, I am going to tell it again, because I love to tell it, it's like re-living the magic.

Oh BOY, do I remember my first fanfic. Hallelujahs, fireworks, light switches and opening doors, life-defining and everything else! )


Nov. 28th, 2009 09:12 pm
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I've got this quote half-formed in my head... well, not really formed at all. It's a Doctor Who quote, I thought it was Ten but maybe it could be Nine...

Something about average, normal humans. Averageness, and how awesome that is. Nothing wrong with average. Fish & Chips and camping and stuff like that (okay, probably not the camping, that's a Torchwood quote*). It's probably one of the Doctor's 'The human race rocks man' speeches.

Anyone know what I'm blathering on about?

*"No other species in the universe goes camping. Celebrate your own uniqueness." – Captain Jack.


Nov. 26th, 2009 05:16 pm
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I started my first fest fic of this season way later than I should have. Consequently, editing it was like trying to decipher the Bayeux Tapestry with my nose pressed to the fabric, and it was an unnecessary ordeal I am thoroughly ashamed of myself for bringing about. So from now until the end of fest season, I am on a strict three hours a day policy. I will write or otherwise advance my remaining fics for at least three hours a day, although I can stop early if I want to and have written over 2000 words.

This is a good thing, because I can write with discipline perfectly well and ought to more often. But that's not what I come here to tell you today. Oh no. I come to tell you about the unintended side-effect of this regime.

Because I haven't allotted a specific time for my Three Hours, my days at the moment are filled with ever more elaborate ways to avoid them. This procrastination mostly involves me leaving long comments for poor [personal profile] accioslash on her awesome wrisomifu posts, and kicking out more than enough half-finished fic to qualify me for NaNoWriMo.

One such long comment involved Things I Won't Read. And I said, in a truly meandering way, that I will read stuff except for when I won't, and I have no ability to discern a pattern. What I like is easy, what I don't like is hard.

But I came up with mpreg. And it's true, mpreg squicks me. But then Accio said that it was her bulletproof kink, and I was in procrastinate mode, and a strange Fact of Me is that I hate to say 'never', so of course I immediately wrote an mpreg drabble. Did I say drabble? I don't think I am capable of a drabble. So for you, Accio:

Here be mpreg. In which Snape is sarcastic and cynical, no mention is made about how any of it actually works, and Anya somehow manages to work a certain level of epilogue-compliance into the proceedings. )
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Third person limited, Snape-POV:

Do you write 'Snape' or 'Severus'? Some mixture of the two? Or maybe Sevviekins? Do you not really care?

And why?

And if you don't write, what do you prefer to read? Snape, Severus, The Sevmeister, no preference?

A03 Wheee.

Nov. 23rd, 2009 12:10 am
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Just got my Archive of Our Own email. Am playing around and uploading fic right now. It seems to be working very well even on the CRAPPIEST CONNECTION EVER. I hope it becomes popular.

Having warnings issues, as per some tags and warnings discussions I have seen, but I never really know what to warn for anyway. Maybe if it repeatedly stresses me out I will blanket warn everything and write explanations in the author notes. I mean, I'll always label explicit stuff: after that, caveat lector. Or something. (I will probably never actually take the caveat lector approach.)

So who's on it already?

ETA: Ha, timing! I write an entry and it goes down for maintenance.


Nov. 18th, 2009 07:38 pm
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Feminax: fast, effective relief from period pain.

WTF? I am beginning to LOATHE the fem- prefix. Because Feminax? Is ibuprofen. And I'm going to keep buying my ibuprofen in packets that cost 16p. WE DO NOT NEED SPECIAL LADY-IBUPROFEN! Seriously. That's not a niche! It's just crass. Grass consumerism, as Adam would say. (Why yes, I am digging Good Omens right now!)
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Oh boy. I HATE Doctor Who. I don't have time for this. So I'm exorcising all Who!squee right now.

spoiler alert, reviewy squee for The Waters of Mars )
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