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Having the privilege to see one of [ profile] emzlovesharry's many, many delicious fest submissions (She's so prolific! I feel very embarrassed in comparison!) reminded me of a pic I drew a while ago for the Snarry Games free-for-all challenge. Which... I never posted anywhere else, and consequently totally forgot about. Now, this journal is not at all systematic: my tagging system consists of 'fic' for my fic links, 'fanart' for my fanart, 'art' for my non-fan art, and 'meme' for my tragic addiction, but beyond that, you will see a mish-mash of headers, lack of headers, links to various places, oblique references to fics I never finish, and vanishing cut text with too much importance bestowed upon it. However, it is comprehensive: rarely will you find something somewhere else that I have created, that I have not at least linked to... and, after today, rarely will hopefully be never.

REPOST: a ficlet, a limerick, a drawble! )
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The [ profile] snarryldws week one drabbles are up! Plz to be voting! Guess which one is mine and you'll get a cookie.

Oh, and I have already reached my first Snarry-a-thon fest freak-out, which is actually a very good sign. I must have at least three, you see, and the earlier they happen, the more likely I am to have a breakthrough in decent time to actually finish the thing.

Of course, my mother is interfering somewhat by demanding that I learn 3D modelling right this second, because she has dreams of setting up a cottage industry making videogames. An unusual family business, but My Bloke is an indie developer and programming student and Her Bloke is an experienced leet programmer. She says she'll do publicity. What she actually means is she'll be boss.

In this game-production dynamic, as according to them I am the only one with any artistic talent at all (oh dear), am obliged to be the chief game arteeste. I am scared. Especially since this will put me on the wrong side of the programmer/artist divide AND the artist/manager divide... and I'm already on the wrong side of the mother/daughter one. Also, mum has no more than girlfriend-knowledge1 of the areas at hand and will therefore probably be the kind of boss that demands things only achievable by magic.

That said, I can't get any other bloody job, and working on a game development team is a major step in the right direction. So... woo!

Any 3D modellers out there got any tips?

1. Is there a word for that magical second-hand knowledge of your partner's job/hobby, the stuff that makes you appear diverse and interesting at parties?
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My plans for a Canon Event are on hiatus, because (disregarding RL for the moment) I have just realised that we have [ profile] snarryldws and the [community profile] snape_potter Snarry-a-thon and I want to do both. And, indeed, am. Woo!

I have also finished one of two things for [ profile] help_haiti and just have to send it off. The other thing is delicious scones, and because I want them to be as fresh as possible, I am just waiting for my lovely winning bidder to say the word.

So, that is me at the moment! Living from fest to fest, it seems.

Oh, speaking of which... I haven't reposted my Yule Balls fic. It was not the first story I wrote for the prompts, but the first story I wrote wanted to be 100k and I know I probably will never finish it in my lifetime, let alone before deadline.

Complicated History: Snupin, Explicit, Archived on AO3.
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So... I've been toying with the idea of trying to run a new gift exchange fest.

...Wait, why are you laughing?

Alright, alright, I am not known as Miss Super-Organisation or Miss Committed (Miss Should-Be-Committed?) but then again, doesn't that give me a... special perspective on gift exchanges? The perspective of the terminally useless? And I've got a whole host of delicious technologies I think would really help out, most of them made by Google, and I'd love to try them. Maybe I will even make use of Twitter. *nods like big interwebs geek she is*

I'd also like to host it Dreamwidth-only, because, well... it's no good me whining about how sexy it is and how everyone should use it, then not actually use it myself. And y'know, it might keep sign-up numbers down anyway, it'd be my very first fest, after all. Although I have invite codes to offer still, and I will be emailing someone about the mass invites DW will supposedly give out to RP comms and such to help 'em move to the dark side.

Anyway, here's the pitch: Weekend Slash. A gift exchange for those with commitment issues. With a weekend to write your gift in, a pretty rapid posting schedule, wham bam thank you ma'am. A short burst of high-pressure excitement with no long drawn-out stress-outs and shame and simply no time for procrastination. Just, yknow, for the fun of it.

I have given it somewhat more thought than that, but that's the general principle. Anyone interested? Anyone boggled by my lunacy? Anyone wanna point out it's been done somewhere already? And most importantly... anyone got any advice?

(BTW the Snarry Holidays reveals are up and this is mine.)
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banner by angelfireeast, from art by [personal profile] froggie and [profile] gredandfeorge

Snarry_Swap: Fireworks of Snarry

Sign-ups: August 31 - September 18

I am... not quite so sure I can do this one. Three seems like asking for trouble. But high pressure + short deadlines = prolific!Anya. And my current stressful but not actually very busy RL is like, the anti-muse, I'm going slowly mad not being able to write anything. Give me lots of somethings to do!
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Proooobably going to sign up for this too. Not exactly pro at drabbles, but I think it's a craft it couldn't hurt to hone. Also fun. Yay!

Snarry LDWS


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