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Having the privilege to see one of [ profile] emzlovesharry's many, many delicious fest submissions (She's so prolific! I feel very embarrassed in comparison!) reminded me of a pic I drew a while ago for the Snarry Games free-for-all challenge. Which... I never posted anywhere else, and consequently totally forgot about. Now, this journal is not at all systematic: my tagging system consists of 'fic' for my fic links, 'fanart' for my fanart, 'art' for my non-fan art, and 'meme' for my tragic addiction, but beyond that, you will see a mish-mash of headers, lack of headers, links to various places, oblique references to fics I never finish, and vanishing cut text with too much importance bestowed upon it. However, it is comprehensive: rarely will you find something somewhere else that I have created, that I have not at least linked to... and, after today, rarely will hopefully be never.

REPOST: a ficlet, a limerick, a drawble! )
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The [ profile] snarryldws week one drabbles are up! Plz to be voting! Guess which one is mine and you'll get a cookie.

Oh, and I have already reached my first Snarry-a-thon fest freak-out, which is actually a very good sign. I must have at least three, you see, and the earlier they happen, the more likely I am to have a breakthrough in decent time to actually finish the thing.

Of course, my mother is interfering somewhat by demanding that I learn 3D modelling right this second, because she has dreams of setting up a cottage industry making videogames. An unusual family business, but My Bloke is an indie developer and programming student and Her Bloke is an experienced leet programmer. She says she'll do publicity. What she actually means is she'll be boss.

In this game-production dynamic, as according to them I am the only one with any artistic talent at all (oh dear), am obliged to be the chief game arteeste. I am scared. Especially since this will put me on the wrong side of the programmer/artist divide AND the artist/manager divide... and I'm already on the wrong side of the mother/daughter one. Also, mum has no more than girlfriend-knowledge1 of the areas at hand and will therefore probably be the kind of boss that demands things only achievable by magic.

That said, I can't get any other bloody job, and working on a game development team is a major step in the right direction. So... woo!

Any 3D modellers out there got any tips?

1. Is there a word for that magical second-hand knowledge of your partner's job/hobby, the stuff that makes you appear diverse and interesting at parties?
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My plans for a Canon Event are on hiatus, because (disregarding RL for the moment) I have just realised that we have [ profile] snarryldws and the [community profile] snape_potter Snarry-a-thon and I want to do both. And, indeed, am. Woo!

I have also finished one of two things for [ profile] help_haiti and just have to send it off. The other thing is delicious scones, and because I want them to be as fresh as possible, I am just waiting for my lovely winning bidder to say the word.

So, that is me at the moment! Living from fest to fest, it seems.

Oh, speaking of which... I haven't reposted my Yule Balls fic. It was not the first story I wrote for the prompts, but the first story I wrote wanted to be 100k and I know I probably will never finish it in my lifetime, let alone before deadline.

Complicated History: Snupin, Explicit, Archived on AO3.
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So... I've been toying with the idea of trying to run a new gift exchange fest.

...Wait, why are you laughing?

Alright, alright, I am not known as Miss Super-Organisation or Miss Committed (Miss Should-Be-Committed?) but then again, doesn't that give me a... special perspective on gift exchanges? The perspective of the terminally useless? And I've got a whole host of delicious technologies I think would really help out, most of them made by Google, and I'd love to try them. Maybe I will even make use of Twitter. *nods like big interwebs geek she is*

I'd also like to host it Dreamwidth-only, because, well... it's no good me whining about how sexy it is and how everyone should use it, then not actually use it myself. And y'know, it might keep sign-up numbers down anyway, it'd be my very first fest, after all. Although I have invite codes to offer still, and I will be emailing someone about the mass invites DW will supposedly give out to RP comms and such to help 'em move to the dark side.

Anyway, here's the pitch: Weekend Slash. A gift exchange for those with commitment issues. With a weekend to write your gift in, a pretty rapid posting schedule, wham bam thank you ma'am. A short burst of high-pressure excitement with no long drawn-out stress-outs and shame and simply no time for procrastination. Just, yknow, for the fun of it.

I have given it somewhat more thought than that, but that's the general principle. Anyone interested? Anyone boggled by my lunacy? Anyone wanna point out it's been done somewhere already? And most importantly... anyone got any advice?

(BTW the Snarry Holidays reveals are up and this is mine.)


Nov. 26th, 2009 05:16 pm
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I started my first fest fic of this season way later than I should have. Consequently, editing it was like trying to decipher the Bayeux Tapestry with my nose pressed to the fabric, and it was an unnecessary ordeal I am thoroughly ashamed of myself for bringing about. So from now until the end of fest season, I am on a strict three hours a day policy. I will write or otherwise advance my remaining fics for at least three hours a day, although I can stop early if I want to and have written over 2000 words.

This is a good thing, because I can write with discipline perfectly well and ought to more often. But that's not what I come here to tell you today. Oh no. I come to tell you about the unintended side-effect of this regime.

Because I haven't allotted a specific time for my Three Hours, my days at the moment are filled with ever more elaborate ways to avoid them. This procrastination mostly involves me leaving long comments for poor [personal profile] accioslash on her awesome wrisomifu posts, and kicking out more than enough half-finished fic to qualify me for NaNoWriMo.

One such long comment involved Things I Won't Read. And I said, in a truly meandering way, that I will read stuff except for when I won't, and I have no ability to discern a pattern. What I like is easy, what I don't like is hard.

But I came up with mpreg. And it's true, mpreg squicks me. But then Accio said that it was her bulletproof kink, and I was in procrastinate mode, and a strange Fact of Me is that I hate to say 'never', so of course I immediately wrote an mpreg drabble. Did I say drabble? I don't think I am capable of a drabble. So for you, Accio:

Here be mpreg. In which Snape is sarcastic and cynical, no mention is made about how any of it actually works, and Anya somehow manages to work a certain level of epilogue-compliance into the proceedings. )


Aug. 1st, 2009 01:10 am
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So, instead of making a decision on what I like to think of as my hate-triangle fic, I am instead exorcising my finished-but-not-posted folder and posting something that I still can't form a solid opinion on. Probably because it is so out of my usual repertoire. For a start, it's het. Also, Ginny-centric. Also, Epilogue compliant. Even JKR-interview compliant, to a point, and I don't consider that canon in the slightest.

But I think I like it.

The Affair, NC-17, Warnings for, surprisingly enough, adultery. Hosted at my site.

Actually, it's not exclusively het. Harry is not a straight man in my head. It's also an attempt to bond with Ginny, although it got rather out of hand, and I am not sure if she is actually at all sympathetic. Opinions are love.
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I haven't slept for about 24 hours now. But who cares when there is SNOW! Yay! Me and Lukey sat in Starbucks with hot tea then we went to the park. It was snowing and it was pretty and I demanded we make a snowman. There were also cute asians making a snowman and they got more attention because, well, cute and asian. And because my snowman is sad. If you look at him from a lower angle he is an angry punk, though.


I also made a snow angel. Now I am wrapped up in bed with a headache that feels like brainfreeze but it's mostly tired-induced.

There was snow on the beach, too, which is awesome, and I have seen lots of snowball fights and snowmen. You may think I am a touch overexcited, but you see, back home in Devon we almost never get snow, except on Dartmoor. It's warm and wet, unlike the rest of the country (which is cold and wet. Of course, you don't notice until you move away that Devon actually is warmer than everywhere else.)

Apparently Portsmouth is on orange weather alert, but a smidge further up the country they are on RED and the trains are stopped. My friend is stuck in Wantage with her boyfriend, but I daresay she doesn't mind terribly. Tres exciting.

On a side note, MOAR THINGS I DUN WROTE:

Biology Lessons, Harry/Draco PWP, 2500 words.

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For the [ profile] snarry_holidays, now with formatting errors fixed:

Title: Coming Back
Giftee: [ profile] perverse_idyll
Word Count: ~12,200
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry's been looking for Snape for a long time. Snape doesn't believe him.
Notes: This is Snape/Harry, ofc, plus epilogue-compliant past Harry/Ginny. Bit of a rollercoaster ride, writing this, so it took me an awfully long time to look at again... only to discover all my dashes were gone. Now up on my site and fixed. Well, the errors of technology are fixed. Anything else is me. As usual, Lizzie and Emily were of great importance.


(Snape/Harry, PG for near-kissage, fake cut to my DeviantArt page)

Harry looks quite young, but I wasn't especially imagining him to be underage, so for the sake of obeying arbitrary legal designations of maturity we'll say he isn't. Also, who knows where his glasses have got to. Wait, what am I saying – who knows where canon got to? I like art for that. I can't help but be canon compliant in fic, it's taken me ages to make myself go 'Epilogue, what epilogue?' when it suits me. But sometimes I just draw, and the only stress is my lack of ability to accurately translate what I see in my head. And I feel less pressured, somehow, because in the circles I lurk in it seems good artists seem so much rarer than good writers, which means I'm in the majority if I suck.


Jan. 29th, 2009 03:01 am
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I have a peculiar thing about rereading things I've already posted. I don't like to do it, especially if it was a stressful process. I had every intention of posting Coming Back on my site after the [ profile] snarry_holidays reveals, but after it was posted I felt suddenly entirely incapable of reading it again.

But it's niggled me into action, because – as the comments revealed – converting between several word processors and operating systems left it with some, ah, peculiarities of punctuation. And now I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner, for I realise with horror that these peculiarities include the vanishing of all my em dashes. Considering my addiction to the little buggers, this was a devastating blow.

So, hopefully with dashes in place once more, I present my Snarry Hols fic. I'm super-irritated by the silliness of technology, and I can only be relieved that the random question marks and apparent lack of punctuation didn't drive [ profile] perverse_idyll so up the wall that it was impossible to read. All remaining errors are now entirely my own silliness.

Coming Back, Snape/Harry, Adult content.
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Oh, procrastination, how good you are for my fic writing! I have finished not one but two fics today. One is Pansy/Hermione and the other is delicious Snack, because I am a pairing whore. The Snape/Sirius is for [ profile] 100quills and is a completely and utterly obscene PWP, and the other one is a slightly less obscene PWP and my first proper foray into femmeslash.

Also thanks to my procrastination, I am finally uploading the last bit of my fic of longness. It's still unbeta'd, and I have absolutely no idea whether I like it or not.

Title:Life After Death at AO3
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Duh.
Summary: He'd always expected the war to culminate in his own death. What really surprised him was waking up again.
Notes: Parts the seventh, eighth, ninth and final! Finally, we get to the smut.

Also posted to [ profile] snape_potter and my LJ.

Also, I have a tendency to write things like (more on that later) and never actually get round to it. So before I forget – my [ profile] snarry_holidays gift. I would give you an amazing dazzlingly detailed review but I am really really rubbish, and all I can ever think to say are things like squeeeeeeee! (which it is worthy of) and it's so long! (which it is, delightingly). But if you want quality, involving, long myth-filled fic with Snape's parents and Al Potter and the underworld, then go read! Definitely one of the best fics in the fest.
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Things I Am Digging at the mo:

True Blood. OMG IT IS MADE FOR ME. We have Rogue, I mean Anna Paquin, whose cute accent and sexual tension with Wolverine gave her a spot in my pants heart years ago. Then we have Mr Looks Like Every Darcy/Rochester/Heathcliff There Has Ever Been, and they has much scariness and scowling and UST. Then there is also sex and angst and interesting characters and on top of that, an intriguing and unsubtly allegorical social background! And vampires. I like me some vampires, especially some vampires not bubbling over with cliché. Not that Mr Darcy/Rochester/Heathcliff isn't a walking cliché, but it is a cliché I dig so fucking hard that I am happy to call it more of a trope.

I mean it with the unsubtle, of course. "God Hates Fangs" on a church sign in the intro. *snort*


In other news: Life After Death update.
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Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I was posting fic, but in that time I suppose I have been busy considering being an escort. I decided against it, in case you were wondering. Belle de Jour I am not.

Next chapter of my fic Life After Death is up at my site. Woo, there is sex in it! It's R, and no it's not Snape and Harry just yet.
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Yes, go ahead and move the hyphen one word to the right, but sadly it is not an ass-meme. It is a music meme. BUT FIRST: fic!

Title: Life After Death Part II
Rating: Still G, NC-17 later.
Warnings: Non-graphic het? See notes for specifics.
Summary: He'd always expected the war to culminate in his own death. What really surprised him was waking up again.
Notes: Part the second! This is my EWE, let's-fix-DH fic, Snape-centric and eventually Snape/Harry, with other pairings cropping up though none yet (except canon ones like Harry/Ginny for the moment). Drag mouse over to see which if you prefer: **Snape/Charlie, past Snape/Regulus, Harry/OMCs (mentioned), Ginny/Dean (sort of) and a splash of Draco/Ginny.**

My fanfic index is here.

Put your music player on shuffle. Post the first forty songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeats, skip to the next track. )
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Posting different things on LJ and IJ is peculiar, particularly since I am not active in Torchwood fandom any more. I may switch to posting eeeeeeverything on LJ, and only post the HP stuff at IJ, or maybe just post everything everywhere... there are easy ways to do that, yes?

I dunno. I like to keep my internet life organised (it's why I love Google services) and it feels... sort of messy at the moment. I would switch completely over to IJ, but... I sort of like LJ better *cough*.

It gets even more confusing when it comes to communities. And it's not like HP fandom is dead here or anything. Like that could happen.

I think I shall start posting everything in LJ too. In that vein, I present fic!

Title: Life After Death Part I (1 of about 12 I think)
Rating: G at the moment, NC-17 later.
SSummary: He'd always expected the war to culminate in his own death. What really surprised him was waking up again.
Notes: This is my EWE, let's-fix-DH fic, Snape-centric because I love him, eventually Snape/Harry, with other pairings cropping up though none yet (except canon ones like Harry/Ginny for the moment). Drag mouse over to see which if you prefer: **Snape/Charlie, past Snape/Regulus, Harry/OMCs (mentioned), Ginny/Dean (sort of) and a splash of Draco/Ginny.**

Also, I so want a custom mood theme. Can I be bothered to make my own? What images would I use?
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The Christmas season is bloody brilliant for Snarry. Lizzie observes that this is appropriate, what with Snape's frosty demeanour and tan-avoidance, Harry's holly wand and green eyes, and the festive nature of the Gryffindor/Slytherin colours. I am particularly overwhelmed by the completely amazing awesomeness of the [ profile] snarry_games art, which has had me gushing and swooning and squeeing intensely, and the magical excitement of the [ profile] snarry_holidays, which I am participating in, hooray!

This gives me the itch to get involved in the Snarry joy. But should I post my EWE let's-fix-DH fic of extreme largeness? I think it needs a beta first. But will I ever seek one out?

I am so concerned about this particular fic because of its size, I think. It's around the 56000 word mark. And there is no plot as such, just the slow inevitable progress towards eventual Snarry, and I am not sure I believe in my ability to keep people interested over that length of words. Perhaps I should split it up. I dunno.

I will think on it, I think.

ETA: Thought on it. Went for it.

Life After Death *complete*

Also posted to here at [ profile] snape_potter Feel free to leave a review here or there :)

On another note, today seems to be 'leave small but vital characters out of HTML' day.
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Although Snape/Harry may be my OTP, I'm not opposed to either of them getting action elsewhere, and my dear muse [ profile] emilylikesyou has inspired me to write a bit of H/D. Based on a bunny posted here (over at LJ). I googled for it, hence the age.

Title: Tag!
Pairing: Drarry
Rating: NC-17
Notes: You know those Lynx adverts, with the spray that makes you irresistible...? Based on a bunny posted here.
[ profile] emilylikesyou
Fic here at AO3!
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See, everything feels better in the morning. I feel artistically accomplished, what with having finished the longest story I have ever, er, finished, AND having had a morning of playing with acrylics and painting something that doesn't make me want to die in embarrassment. It's the weekend, and this silly induction week thing is over and on Monday I will start real work, which is exciting and scary and exciting. And I paid my rent and slept alright at my new house though the intertrons is still questionable.

In honour of this, I have decided to post something artistic. I have found myself scribbling down many little ficlets of varying length and quality in an attempt to kick writer's block up the arse, so I spit them out in the general direction of the internet.

They're all HP, so follow the fake cut to InsaneJournal
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So, I've kicked out a hell of a lot of words recently, many of them while wrestling with blocks on other projects. Thought I might as well post some of them, since I feel merry and accomplished today, and because I am a bit compulsive when it comes to keeping computer-based things 'tidy', as it were.

Cleaning out my drabble drawer )
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