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[ profile] emzlovesharry did a HP Kill, Marry, Shag meme post the other day. I could play Kill Marry Shag all day! I do not like having to pick someone to kill, but that's kind of the point I suppose.

She gave me Bill, Bellatrix and Colin Creevey.

Marry: has to be Bill, of course. He is cool and sexy and has a fang earring and sexy long hair and boots. I can imagine actually going for him in the real life, which is not true for all of the fictional characters I fancy.

Shag: totally Bella. The thought of Bella being domineering, evil and thoroughly insane in a bondage corset taps into some dark kinks of mine. It helps that I can imagine her as Helena Bonham Carter.

Kill: Sorry Colin! You die in the canon anyway, so... it's alright?

If you wanna play leave a comment!


Dec. 23rd, 2009 02:19 pm
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Sorry, I promise this isn't going to devolve into a meme-only journal. Actually, I have a Snarry present planned, if I finish it to my satisfaction. Yes, that's a big if, I know.

In the meantime, memetime! Questions, and indeed, meme text, from [personal profile] lucianwolf, who said:

Yeah, the interview meme is going around again. If you want to play, just indicate in the comments and I will reply with three questions for you. Take my questions and post the answers in your journal.
Questions below the cut, and they are really awesome ones. )

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I do not know if I have made sufficient impression on anyone to warrant a reply but:

anon meme.
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So I've been planning a big long entry of longness to break the Internet Ban I have been making a vague attempt to follow, something about Fest Season and Me. I intended to post it the second I hit the send button on my last (slightly-late-for-really-dumb-reasons) fest fic. But since I have that scheduled for tomorrow morning (read: will actually finally stop faffing and take the plunge some time in the late evening), and I desperately need to unwind right now or else I will not sleep, here is a meme.

Meme stolen from Cluegirl )
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So, With Lukey being studented up and with us living five minutes from the cinema, we are getting back into the extremely awesome routine of going to see a flim roughly once a week. The other day we watched Toy Story in 3D, which was awesome even though they've changed the script or something since I last watched it when I was like, ten... so many things I missed! Wow, I feel old.

Anyway, since I watch more films than I understand to be the average, I thought I should review some, in a very informal fashion.

This week: Zombieland! )

Coming soon: Up, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, The Men Who Stare At Goats (BEST CAST EVER YES PLEASE), and possibly Cirque du Freak. Also, anything else I see a decent trailer for.

And btw, the answers to my Fannish Top Five questions (ask more if you like and I'll keep doing it):

From [personal profile] spidermoth: What are your fav top five pithy/snarky comments Snape has made to Harry, or vice-versa, in fanfic you've read?

Hard one! There are so many fics with Snape and Harry's brilliant dialogue. I love it when Snape makes perfect sarky one-liners. I am struggling to think of any specific examples, so I will go out and re-read some fic and come back to this when I come across some good lines.

From [personal profile] dementordelta: Top 5 fan fiction tropes--any fandom!

I know I am forgetting some... all Snarry: DETENTION <3, guilty!Snape, Snape being unable to resist his wicked temptations, Occlumency lessons, and potions made me do it.
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So I watched Doctor Who the other day. It did not thrill me, probably because I have done my mourning for DT and just want him off making different stuff now (Casanova, Secret Smile, oh yes more like that please), not to mention I would like to see how this new doctor compares. Of course, it did have one exciting bit... he will knock four times. HELL YEAH BABY. Add to that certain photos which may or may not be conclusive evidence... well, it made my TV year, that's for sure.

After it there was the trailer for A2A, which apart from exciting me terribly it got me thinking about when Torchwood was going to be on. This twinged at my dormant Torchwood fangirlism and reminded me I hadn't heard the radio play yet. So I listened to it, and it was silly and cheesy as sci-fi radio plays often are, but Ianto tortured by demons gave me another, stronger twinge so I decided it was probably close enough to Children of Earth to re-watch series two. So I did. Over two evenings/nights. With bits of series one in between to introduce a friend.

Now I'm excited.

So to kill some time, have a meme from [ profile] torch_wood.

Torchwood Fantasy Meme )
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Yes, go ahead and move the hyphen one word to the right, but sadly it is not an ass-meme. It is a music meme. BUT FIRST: fic!

Title: Life After Death Part II
Rating: Still G, NC-17 later.
Warnings: Non-graphic het? See notes for specifics.
Summary: He'd always expected the war to culminate in his own death. What really surprised him was waking up again.
Notes: Part the second! This is my EWE, let's-fix-DH fic, Snape-centric and eventually Snape/Harry, with other pairings cropping up though none yet (except canon ones like Harry/Ginny for the moment). Drag mouse over to see which if you prefer: **Snape/Charlie, past Snape/Regulus, Harry/OMCs (mentioned), Ginny/Dean (sort of) and a splash of Draco/Ginny.**

My fanfic index is here.

Put your music player on shuffle. Post the first forty songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeats, skip to the next track. )
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Memes are addictive, I tell you.

Meme number 1000000000001. )

Also, I have got suckered in to the art meme world. I am a writer, not an artist, but I like doodling anyway and I love memes and I like the chance to draw Filch/Squid so I had to really. Here is my DeviantArt page, because I am a sheep and even The Bloke has one. Here is a meme.

Also, fecking love the [ profile] snarry_games.
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Good news. Have somewhere to live. Not moved in yet so still hanging out in the limbo of Luke's bedroom. Still, I have finally sorted out all I need to for Uni and it is bloody amazing, how much better I feel. I actually feel wildly positive about my induction on Monday morning, now.

A meme from Lindykins. Do fill it out yourself in the comments, O imaginary readers. )

My house, by the way, is currently inhabited by sci-fi fans who have 3 cats, one of which is called Rincewind (missing, sadly :(). It's like, ideal.

EDIT: Ha! The trouble with fen is, it's very easy to forget SOME OF THEM ARE ARE CRAZY BATSHIT INSANE. Ideal, my arse.


Jan. 25th, 2008 03:32 pm
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Have a meme stolen from [ profile] foreverrhapsody. Cos it's been a while.

Stuff about me, yay )


Jun. 11th, 2007 11:21 pm
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What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagSeverus Snape and Harry Potter

OMG <3...

Anya Elizabeth with a space gets different results (Remus + Harry), but I tried this one first and I like it more :p.
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Pretty good... )

Eerily true... )

It's funny. My internet personality is probably the opposite to my face-to-face personality, but not in the conventional way - I am more loud, more talkative, make more friends and am considered to be very, very weird and independent in RL. Perhaps it's because I've sussed out how to make friends easily in RL - listen, enthuse, laugh at jokes, be genuinely happy in their presence. Online, people can assess you on a more intellectual basis... and this terrifies me. My greatest fear is probably being rejected on that level. Because I've learnt from my father's example that intellect is to be treasured above all else - that and pleasing people.

It's funny really, I probably have a greater intellectual advantage than physical, yet it is only my brain I fear the failure of.

Then again, I am reasonably hot. Lol.
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