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Soooooo... Pontypool.

Just rented it off the telly. It's weird to be in a room with three people who are often in accord (well, four, but mum doesn't count because she was drunk and fell asleep), and have three totally different opinions of a film.

I, for the record, loved it, but I don't know if that's going to help you out if you're trying to decide whether to watch it.

It's been... well, a very long time... since I was last scared by something. And I was properly panic-filled and tense in a really great way. And it lost me on the premise for about five minutes, but I waited and wanted it to stay good, and the tension sort of pushed away my failure to suspend disbelief, and I *love* linguistics, so in the end I ended up loving it. And I was delighted by the ending, my favourite kind, the one that doesn't shy away. I also especially love the nearly-zero gore, nearly-zero set changes, people-in-a-room format. I love it, because it scares the crap out of me, and I love people.

This is not very coherent, is it? Ah well. Basically, I loved it. In a personal hits-all-the-magic-buttons way. In a "Hmmm, I think I would get on with the author of this" way. And I want to watch it again right now. But everyone else in my house thinks it's lame, and so Anya is a sadface.

Oh, and Daybreakers: ruthlessly competent but sooooo... average. Bland. Blah. And the script ruined all tension with its lack of ability to assume imagination in its viewers. Quite the opposite of Pontypool, in fact!
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Time for more unwanted opinions!

First of all, Sherlock Holmes!

I can't bring myself to write more than a few sentences about it, mind. The dialogue was sometimes spiffy, but mostly clunky. RDJ was great, natch, but I found myself rather more in love with Jude Law's Watson. The plot could have been cut down to about twenty minutes. Irene/Holmes was present, be warned, but Irene is pretty awesome and OH MY GOD COULD THERE BE ANY MORE SLASH so I don't mind much.

Generally, a bit rubbish. But worth it for the Holmes and Watson dynamic.

Now.... Avatar.

Cut for spoilers and bulletpoints and references to Controversy. )
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I'm not sure if this really counts as a review... but yeah... Up made me cry in the first fifteen minutes or so. It was utterly lovely. Worth going to see. And Pixar films in 3D are awesome and immersive (and bloody expensive on a Friday night!).

And yeah, I know it's been out in America for yonks. Argh.

In other news... I have a delicious Philidelphia and chicken sandwich, a hot vanilla chai with extra spice, extra vanilla syrup and extra Drambuie, and I am settling in to do a night of Serious Writing. The sandwich is so I have no justification to get up for snacks, the chai is to feel snuggly, the alcohol is for dutch courage, and the resulting textual mess is for rewrites.

This entry is for a short(*ahem*) burst of controlled procrastination. See you in the morning!
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So, With Lukey being studented up and with us living five minutes from the cinema, we are getting back into the extremely awesome routine of going to see a flim roughly once a week. The other day we watched Toy Story in 3D, which was awesome even though they've changed the script or something since I last watched it when I was like, ten... so many things I missed! Wow, I feel old.

Anyway, since I watch more films than I understand to be the average, I thought I should review some, in a very informal fashion.

This week: Zombieland! )

Coming soon: Up, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, The Men Who Stare At Goats (BEST CAST EVER YES PLEASE), and possibly Cirque du Freak. Also, anything else I see a decent trailer for.

And btw, the answers to my Fannish Top Five questions (ask more if you like and I'll keep doing it):

From [personal profile] spidermoth: What are your fav top five pithy/snarky comments Snape has made to Harry, or vice-versa, in fanfic you've read?

Hard one! There are so many fics with Snape and Harry's brilliant dialogue. I love it when Snape makes perfect sarky one-liners. I am struggling to think of any specific examples, so I will go out and re-read some fic and come back to this when I come across some good lines.

From [personal profile] dementordelta: Top 5 fan fiction tropes--any fandom!

I know I am forgetting some... all Snarry: DETENTION <3, guilty!Snape, Snape being unable to resist his wicked temptations, Occlumency lessons, and potions made me do it.


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