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Birthdate:Apr 21
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:My Fanfic at AO3
Hello. I'm Anya!

I'm a writer, reader, worrier, squee-er, lover and fangirl. I love Snarry but I will pretty much read anything you can sell me. I love recs and do not object to self-promotion (quite the opposite), and I have made a vow to leave a comment for everything I read. I post the odd fic, rare RL, random fandom thoughts, film reviews, and the occasional pimp of something cool. My dreamwidth account is now a consolidation/back-up of my IJ and LJ, and I love it. I write everything on Dreamwidth and use the cross-poster. I do my commenting primarily on IJ and LJ. I add people as friends on LJ most often, and I don't know why. If you think I should add you anywhere or everywhere then drop me a comment. All comments and random thoughts are happily received.

Indeed, Comments are Love! Off-topic, random strangers, anonymice, tl;drs (especially them!), one-worders, best friends, newbies, oldbies, lurkers, people who want to be best friends, people who really don't want to be friends... I really don't want anyone to feel shy here, because I'm cripplingly shy and paranoid and over-analytical I don't like how it inhibits me. So, all those who are shy and lurkery like me, please be assured: I want to like you, no matter who you are and what you are saying, and I am going to assume the very best at all times. You can talk to me! (Unless I am having a bad day, but don't worry, that's not your fault.)

Concrit is cool, although I should warn you that I doubt it will lead me to rewrites or anything. If you think it'll help my future writing, though, that kind of concrit is positively encouraged. And if you wanna go into deep analysis, or if there's something that bugs you that you just have to talk about... well, I know the feeling, I inexplicably run to the IMDB forums to satisfy that itch all the time (ack)... so go ahead. I'm open to all forms of commenting here.

I am madly disorganised online. If you think I've ignored you, chances are I have just been distracted by a shiny thing. If you think I am missing something cool while distracted by the shiny things, yell, point, wave and comment. Friend me and I'll probably friend back, assuming you've actually posted something and I remember. I f-lock the odd post randomly, but I never lock fic or art. I don't comment as much as I should, read as often as I used to, or write as much as I'd like, but I do love you.

I also swear, as well as all the talking about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Consider yourself warned.

My Fic at AO3
My DeviantArt
My Twitter

Oh, and I'm of age.
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